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Mountain Pathways parents agree to provide 30 hours of volunteer service to the community as part of their yearly contract.

These hours can be contributed on community workdays (held twice yearly, the Saturday before school starts in August and another Saturday in April after the winter is finished with us), by planning, organizing, and working at our annual festivals, or by providing assistance as needed with building and grounds or in the classrooms.

We also offer volunteer opportunities to individuals in the area who do not have children at the school. Many Appalachian State students complete internships at our facility in the classrooms, the afterschool program, through counseling, tutoring or other educational areas. All volunteers must submit to a criminal history check, and will be supervised by a member of the staff throughout their tenure with the school.

Current Volunteer Needs

Substitute Teachers: If you think you could help out on occasion as a sub in one of our classrooms, let us know your availability and we will add you to our list. We do try to avoid a situation where you would be subbing in your child’s class.

Buildings and Grounds Needs

Clean rust out of kitchen sink at Children’s House
Pressure wash outside stairs at Norwood House
Wash bus and shop vac inside it (I’m afraid pressure washing would destroy the paint)

Email to inquire about specific volunteer opportunities.