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At MPS, the self-directed learning fosters self-esteem. Individualized learning needs and rate of development are top priority, leading to learning for the enjoyment and awe of it, not just the requirement.


As I understand it Montessori education has as its goal to tailor the education needed for each child. With the “freedom within limits” MPS gives a child so much more time to explore and find out what learning means to each child. Montessori education supports independence and confidence in the independent thought process of the child.


Children are learning content in more depth versus rote memory of isolated facts. They are seeing connections to the real world that are generally not explored in other curricula.


The Montessori approach lets skill sets build on previous learning and skills. It allows students freedom (within set limits) to make their own choices for learning. It encourages individuality instead of conformity.


Most traditional methods of education are transmission-based, in which the teacher has a set body of knowledge that she must impart on students. Students are mostly passive receivers of this static, compartmentalized body of knowledge. Mountain Pathways curriculum does a better job of helping students get actively involved in the learning process. Students are guided to gain an understanding of the underlying concepts and principals behind ‘rote facts.’


My child loves to learn, is growing up at an appropriate pace, experiences no bullying, and has been respected and has learned to show respect.


She has been able to “come into her own.” She respects herself and is learning how to form friendships. She has recently come to a place in her development where she is excited about learning information. The way this school is set up really seems to fuel her fire.


From day one of the 3 to 6 class and on into the 6 to 9 class, he has experienced a safe and comfortable environment to learn and expand on his gifts and strengths…as well as a reassuring and encouraging push on more challenging areas. He has rarely, if ever, expressed boredom or a significant frustration with school.


My children have become vivacious, well-rounded children who enjoy learning, are able to have a relationship with other children and adults, and are aware of who they are.


Mountain Pathways has offered our child a sense of true community while supporting individualism and independence. She has grown in spirit and enthusiasm while attending MPS; this was a true struggle while attending public school. Cliche as it may seem, we were lost in the shuffle of bureaucracy and organized chaos prior to attending MPS. She now looks forward to school, hence a motivation towards reading and math and art.