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Tuition Assistance

Mountain Pathways is constantly on the lookout for public or private funding to increase the financial aid base for our elementary school program. We will make every effort to accommodate a family’s financial aid needs based on the current budget. Children not yet of public school age can receive subsidy money through Title XX funds. Contact the Department of Social Services to find out if you qualify.

Tuition assistance was dramatically limited over the past year due to the expiration of a foundation grant that had been providing a base for scholarship funding for the past several years. We are currently analyzing the budget to try and provide any assistance possible.

Tuition Discount Program
Mountain Pathways now offers discounts to families based on the amount of time their children have been at the school. The discount can be applied to one child per family, sibling tuition will remain at $5,000.

Tuition credits are issued as follows (a ‘full year’ is defined as enrolling before winter break and finishing the
school year):
Fourth full year, $150 credit
Fifth full year, $200 credit
Sixth full year, $250 credit
Seventh or more, $300 credit

Subsidized Child Care Program
North Carolina’s Division of Child Development uses a combination of state and federal funds to provide subsidized child care services to eligible families through a locally administered state-supervised voucher system. Mountain Pathways is a participant in this program. For more information, visit the NC Division of Child Development’s Web site.